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Jeff’s Book Pics By Jeff Brown



Today, estate planning encompasses not just 
tangible property like finances and real estate, 
but also digital assets like cryptocurrency, blogs, 
and social media. With so much of our lives now 
lived online, it’s vital you put the proper estate 
planning provisions in place to ensure your 
digital assets are effectively protected and passed 
on in the event of your incapacity or death. 
Last week I discussed some of the most 
common types of digital assets and the legal 
landscape surrounding them. Here, I offer some 
practical tips to ensure all your digital property is 
effectively incorporated into your estate plan. 

Best practices for including digital assets in 
your estate plan

 If you’re like most people, you probably 
own numerous digital assets, some of which 
likely have significant monetary and/or 
sentimental value. Other types of online 
property may have no value for anyone other 
than yourself or be something you’d prefer 
your family and friends not access or inherit. 
To ensure all your digital assets are accounted 
for, managed, and passed on in exactly the way 
you want, you should take the following steps:

 1. Create an inventory: Start by creating a list 
of all your digital assets, including the related 
login information and passwords. Password 
management apps such as LastPass can help 
simplify this effort. From there, store the list in a 
secure location, and provide detailed instructions 
to your fiduciary about how to access it and get 
into the accounts. Just like money you’ve hidden 
in a safe, if no one knows where it is or how to 
unlock it, these assets will likely be lost forever.

 2. Add your digital assets to your estate 
plan: Include specific instructions in your will, 
trust, and/or other estate planning documents 
about the heir(s) you want to inherit each 
asset, along with how you’d like the accounts 
managed in the future, if that’s an option. Some 
assets might be of no value to your family or 
be something you don’t want them to access, 
so you should specify that those accounts and 
files be closed and/or deleted by your fiduciary. 
Do NOT provide the specific account info, 
logins, or passwords in your estate planning 
documents, which can be easily read by others. 
This is especially true for wills, which become 
public record upon your death. Keep this 
information stored in a secure place, and let your 
fiduciary know how to find and use it. 

 3. Limit access: In your plan, you should also 
include instructions for your fiduciary about what 
level of access you want him or her to have. For 
example, do you want your executor to be able to 
read all your emails and social media posts before 
deleting them or passing them on to your heirs? 
If there are any assets you want to limit access 
to, we can help you include the necessary terms 
in your plan to ensure your privacy is honored. 
4. Check service providers’ access-authorization 
tools: Carefully review the terms and conditions 
for your online accounts. Some service providers 
like Google, Facebook, and Instagram have 
tools in place that allow you to easily designate 
access to others in the event of your death. If 
such a function is offered, use it to document 
who you want to have access to these accounts. 
Truly comprehensive estate planning

 With technology rapidly evolving, it’s critical 
that your estate planning strategies evolve 
at the same time to adapt to this changing 
environment. That’s why your estate plan 
should include not only your physical wealth 
and property, but all your digital assets, too. 
Dedicated to empowering your family, building 
your wealth and defining your legacy,

A local attorney and father, Marc Garlett is on 
a mission to help parents protect what they love 
most. His office is located at 55 Auburn Avenue, 
Sierra Madre, CA 91024. Schedule an appointment 
to sit down and talk about ensuring a legacy of love 
and financial security for your family by calling 
626.355.4000 or visit for 
more information.

Churchill: Walking with Destiny by 
Andrew Roberts 

“Unarguably the best single-volume 
biography of Churchill . . . A brilliant 
feat of storytelling, monumental in 
scope, yet put together with tenderness 
for a man who had always believed 
that he would be Britain’s savior.” —
Wall Street Journal.In this landmark 
biography of Winston Churchill based 
on extensive new material, the true 
genius of the man, statesman and 
leader can finally be fully seen and 
understood--by the bestselling, award-
winning author of Napoleon and The 
Storm of War. A perfect holiday gift.
When we seek an example of great 
leaders with unalloyed courage, the 
person who comes to mind is Winston 
Churchill: the iconic, visionary war 
leader immune from the consensus of 
the day, who stood firmly for his beliefs 
when everyone doubted him. But how 
did young Winston become Churchill? 
What gave him the strength to take on 
the superior force of Nazi Germany 
when bombs rained on London and so 
many others had caved? In Churchill, 
Andrew Roberts gives readers the full 
and definitive Winston Churchill, from 
birth to lasting legacy, as personally 
revealing as it is compulsively readable.
Roberts gained exclusive access to 
extensive new material: transcripts 
of War Cabinet meetings, diaries, 
letters and unpublished memoirs 
from Churchill’s contemporaries. The 
Royal Family permitted Roberts--in 
a first for a Churchill biographer--to 
read the detailed notes taken by King 
George VI in his diary after his weekly 
meetings with Churchill during World 
War II. This treasure trove of access 
allows Roberts to understand the man 
in revelatory new ways, and to identify 
the hidden forces fueling Churchill’s legendary 
drive.We think of Churchill as a hero who saved 
civilization from the evils of Nazism and warned 
of the grave crimes of Soviet communism, but 
Roberts’s masterwork reveals that he has as much 
to teach us about the challenges leaders face today-
-and the fundamental values of courage, tenacity, 
leadership and moral conviction. 

Awakening to Infinite Presence: 
The Clarity of Self-Realization 
by Robert Wolfe 

The deeply-felt recognition that the 
Absolute is all that is, and consequently 
that must include you, is the life-
changing substance of enlightenment. 
All things are That, you as well as all 
other human beings: there is only That, 
in the sense of ultimate, permanent 
reality. How, then, does one live one’s 
life when the present awareness is “I 
am That, and all else is That”; when 
the perception of being a “separate 
individual” has dissolved, and the ego 
(Latin for “I”) is no longer at the center 
of one’s perspective? “Real-i-zation” 
(the “enlightenment” the aspirant has 
sought) means “to make real”. How 
do we make the real—the essence of 
timeless reality—the central expression 
of the Absolute perspective we have 
now discovered to be inevitably our 
own? To “make real” in one’s life and 
activities the awareness that “all that is, 
is That” is unavoidably a life-altering 
engagement. Are you prepared to “live” 
with this discovery today? 

An Innocent Client (Joe Dillard 
Series Book 1) by Scott Pratt

A preacher is found brutally murdered 
in a Tennessee motel room.A beautiful, 
mysterious young girl is accused.In 
this bestselling debut, criminal defense 
lawyer Joe Dillard has become jaded 
over the years as he’s tried to balance 
his career against his conscience. 
Savvy but cynical, Dillard wants to 
quit doing criminal defense, but he 
can’t resist the chance to represent 
someone who might actually be 
innocent. His drug-addicted sister has 
just been released from prison and his 
mother is succumbing to Alzheimer’s, 
but Dillard’s commitment to the case never wavers 
despite the personal troubles and professional 
demands that threaten to destroy him.Smart and 
sophisticated, with a plot twist that will leave you 
shaking your head in wonder, “An Innocent Client” 
-- the first in the acclaimed Joe Dillard series -- will 
also leave you begging for more.The 3 reviews are 
from Amazon.Com

All Things By Jeff Brown


The Week /Michael Gerson, Washington Post 

Any Republican thinking about challenging 
President Trump in the 2020 primaries would take 
on a “difficult, and perhaps thankless, political task,” 
said Michael Gerson. History has shown that it’s 
almost impossible to topple a sitting president of 
your own party. Trump is not the usual president, 
however; he is “a person of horrible character 
who corrupts everyone around him, undermines 
essential social standards, and is branding his party 
with an image of bigotry that will last a generation.” 
Sadly, most Republicans prefer to overlook this 
president’s disgraceful, corrupting behavior because 
he’s given them corporate tax cuts and appointed a 
slew of conservative judges, including two to the U.S. 
Supreme Court. When they think the alternative to 
Trump is a Democrat, “not many Republicans place 
that much weight on matters of character.” But if a 
decent, solid Republican such as Bob Corker, Nikki 
Haley, or Mitt Romney ran, Republicans could have 
both conservative policy and character. Despite the 
long odds of success, someone on the Right must 
step forward, as a principled protest against Trump’s 
cruelty, racism, and corruption, and to prove that 
traditional conservatism is not dead. Someone has 
to fight for the soul of the Republican Party.



Looking for a way to rejuvenate 
and nourish your entire being? 
You guessed it, Love is the 
answer. Love is the essential 
ingredient to thriving in the 
world. It’s how we maintain life 
force energy, Prana. Without 
sufficient love, functioning 
in the world is hard and 
discontent is likely.

 Feeling loved and being 
able to show love fosters a 
sense of stability and nurturance. It serves as an underlying 
foundation from which we operate in the world and do our 
work. It also supports vitality and life force energy. Without 
this support, energy can be petered away. It can dissipate 
through worry or activity. Have you ever tried to “handle” 
everything on your own? It can be physically and mentally 
draining. And once that feeling of being drained is there, it 
can be hard to replenish fully.

 Feeling a sense of love does come from performing acts 
of self-care. Ancient teachings encourage us to take care 
of our bodies as well as our minds. Yoga, of course is such 
a powerful combo for cultivating self love and acceptance. 
But there are other potent tools as well. Self massage with 
warm oil is one of the best self-esteem building loving acts 
one can take. Eating foods rich in nutrients and healthy oils 
is another way. You may just go ahead and eat that piece of 
pie that your loved one made from scratch. It has love in its 
essence because they made it that way.

 Giving love to others through encouragement, support 
and service is an essential way to truly build love within. 
Service is so wonderful because it also cultivates compassion 
and gives the one performing it a sense of purpose. This is 
helping others without recompense. Of course, this should 
be done keeping one’s own responsibilities and energy level 
in mind. These others can absolutely be your fur babies as 

 Recall, if you will, the sense of joy and satisfaction you have 
gotten from helping others. It’s important to remember this 
in deciding when to accept support and help from others. If 
you need the help, accept it. Don’t deprive them of that great 
feeling you have experienced. They are just building love.

 All of this is important during the holidays and times 
when you may be feeling low. Consider how love can come 
into your field of awareness and take a few good actions.

Namaste, Keely Totten 

E-RYT 500, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

In Support of Love


Real Life Tips from LIfe's Instruction Manual

Are you someone that's a fighter? When you have a 
goal, do you attack it, ready for battle? Sometimes 
getting to the next phase will require you to try a 
different approach. Most of us have heard the first two 
rules of Fight Club.
The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about 
Fight Club. 
The second rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about 
Fight Club.
The third rule is equally important:
The third rule of Fight Club: Someone yells "Stop!", 
goes limp, taps out, the fight is over. 
It's good to know when the fight is over, right?
Would it be okay with you for life to get easier? As 
a trial lawyer, everything was a battle. I was always 
ready for the fight. I used to expect things to be hard, 
but I knew I could handle what came my way. But 
the truth is that fighting all the time is hard and 
exhausting. The fact is that not everything requires 
a battle and a fight. I had to learn to open my hand. 
I had to learn to ask for help. I relaxed my fist and 
opened my hand.
When we want something more and feel ready, we 
don't always know how to start or what to do.
That's when it's good to open your hand and make 
success welcome.
Sometimes you need to turn up the volume on how 
much success you allow
yourself to have in your life. Success is your ability to 
translate your hidden desires into your lived reality. 
One of the most important things you can do to allow 
more success in your life is to create a structure of 
support. We need to be aware of the way we think 
about ourselves. 
Our lives are a reflection of what we ultimately believe 
about ourselves. 
Our self-image determines how much success in 
health, relationships, career, and money we will allow 
in our lives. When we have a brand new, baby dream, 
we have to be careful who we tell that dream. That's 
rule one and two of fight club. But eventually, rule 
three will come into play. We will need to open our 
hand and tap out. That's when we decide to discuss 
our dream with discernment.
You need somebody who believes in you at times when 
it’s hard to believe in yourself.
That's why people work with a coach/mentor. The 
coach can hold the vision when it gets hard, and it will 
get hard because you are doing something that you 
have never done before.
I love using and teaching a more relaxed approach to 
life. I help my clients get what they want. I help them 
discover their next chapter. Some want improved 
relationships. Some want to start something new. 
Some find the things that they want to stop doing.
Everyone benefits from opening their hands and 
opening their eyes. What will you discover about 
yourself when you give up the fight and make easy 
Lori A Harris is a lawyer and coach. You can learn 
more about her at her website

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