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The June 4th edition of this paper will be dedicated to the Class of 2022! In order to be included, please send your graduates picture, their full name, age and school. These grads are 

SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2022 VOLUME 16 NO. 21VOLUME 16 NO. 21 
making history, and the Mountain Views News wants to give them something else to remember! Send to: Subject: Class of 2022 
The public is invited to attend our annual 
Memorial Day Ceremony on Monday, May 30, 2022,11:am at Sierra Madre Pioneer Cemetery located at 535 
East Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre Ca, 91024 
Major sponsor of the event with VFW Post 3208 is the 
Knights of Columbus ‘SK Matthew P McDonagh (4thPatriotic Degree) Assembly 3784’, Pasadena, CA. 
x beds | x baths | x,xxx sqft. 
Jan Greteman 626.975.4033 
lic #01943630 
Judy Webb-Martin 626.688.2273 
lic #00541631 
Katie Orth 626.688.0418 
lic #00942500 
real estate 
We continue to be so appreciative of all our clients 
whom we have been able to support. Despite 
everything, we are NEVER too busy to support you. 
Feel free to reach out to any of us with questions 
about the market and/or if you are interested in 
moving forward with selling or buying a home. 
Listed at $1,998,000 
1158 New York Drive | 
4 beds | 2 baths | 2,390 sqft | 35,796 sqft lot 
Listed at $1,599,000 | Sold for $1,940,000 
330 Toyon Road | $1,035 per foot 
3 beds | 3 baths | 1,875 sqft | 16,415 sqft lot 
When you need the best, you go to Webb Martin 
Group! We have exclusively used them to buy and 
sell our homes and every time they’ve gone above 
and beyond. Their knowledge and expertise is what 
keeps them several notches above anyone else in 
the business. They listen, advise and tell it to you 
straight. You are dealing with the best of the best! 
Webb Martin Group is and will continue to be our 
first choice. I cannot recommend them enough! 
Carrie and Carston Bell 
Police seek to bolster arsenal 
of equipment for community 
and personal safety.
By Kevin McGuire 
Sierra Madre is a safe town. It is 
safer than 61% of cities and towns 
across the U.S. despite population 
size, according to Neighborhood-
Scout, a leading real estate trends 
and forecast analytics company. 
Among California’s 481 cities, only13% of communities had a safer 
crime rate than Sierra Madre. In 
the latest Annual Report, there 
were 104 crimes committed in Si-
erra Madre. Fourteen were violent 
crimes, and 90 were property-re-
lated crimes such as burglary and 
But, you can never be too safe. 
On September 30, 2021, Gover-
nor Gavin Newsom approved As-
sembly Bill 481, requiring all local 
law enforcement agencies to push 
City Councils to adopt a “military 
equipment” use policy by ordi-
nance before requesting funding, 
acquiring, or collaborating with 
other jurisdictions about the de-
ployment of military equipment, 
or using such equipment. 
So that’s just what Captain HenryAmos presented before the CityCouncil during the May 10th 
meeting. Now, the term “military 
equipment” in Bill 481 doesn’t 
necessarily mean equipment used 
by the military. Why would it? All 
facetiousness aside, the equipment 
might include unmanned aerial 
systems (UAS), armored vehicles, 
command and control vehicles, 
specialized firearms and ammuni-
tion, kinetic energy weapons and 
munitions, and noise-flash diver-
sionary devices. 
The Police Department posted de-
tails of Bill 481 on their website for 
public comment on April 9, 2022.
It remained up for 30 days as re-
quired by law. The Bill was also 
mentioned on the Department’s 
Facebook and Instagram pages. 
National law enforcement agen-
cies widely use many of the devices 
mentioned for community and of-
ficer safety. Drones, for example, 
were used to find a lost child in a 
crowd during a peaceful protest 
in Sierra Madre, according to Po-
lice Chief Roderick Armalin, also 
present at the meeting. Much tacti-
cal equipment uses deterrent-style 
ammo, such as pepper balls and 
bean bags. But, non-military shot-
guns with live ammunition rounds 
are also used by the Police. 
Here is what the Department cur-
rently has and seeks to add. 
• The Police Departmentcurrently has unmanned piloted,
powered vehicles (Drones), includ-
ing the DJI Mavic Mini (2), AutelNano+ (1), Autel EVO II Dual (1),
and the Autel Robotics EVO II Pro 
6 (1), and are looking to add four 
• Their kinetic energy weap-
ons include six Remington 870shotguns with beanbag rounds.
The Department does not seek anyadditional. They are consideringmoving away from the bean baground shotgun due to the concernthat someone may inadvertentlyfire a live round, according to Cap-
tain Amos. In addition, they haveone Tactical LMT 40mm Launch-
er/eXact iMpact sponge roundand are hoping to add three more.
The Department is also hoping 
to add two 40mm Tactical 4-Shot 
Continued on page 4 
Our beloved Joan Crow 
passed away peacefully on 
May 18, 2022, at her home 
surrounded by her fam-
ily. Joan was 86 and lived 
a fruitful and generous 
life. She was an interested 
friend to all her knew her 
and a willing volunteer to 
the many civic organiza-
tions she supported. 
Arriving in Sierra Madre 
in 1965 with her husband 
Bruce Crow and their three 
young daughters, Patty,
Nancy, and Kathleen. Joan 
wasted no time in gettinginvolved with Civic Club,
a local philanthropic orga-
nization and eventually be-
ing its president. A lifelongCatholic, Joan attended St. 
Rita's Church on a regular 
basis and enrolled her chil-
dren in its school. 
Her faith was personal, deep and a living reality of caring for others 
with a focus and willingness to place others in an active place in her 
heart. Joan enjoyed the company of friends and eagerly volunteered 
in the many school activities at St. Rita's, including being an active St. 
Rita's Guild member and taking on the role of Guild President. Joan's 
spiritual life was further nourished by her love of the Mater Dolorosa 
Passionist Retreat Center and by attending weekly mass with "the ladies 
of the pew." 
Joan and Bruce's rich family life took on an added joy when their only 
son Steven was born in 1968. Joan was active in Sierra Madre Girls 
softball, the Creative Arts Group and the Sierra Madre Library. Joan's 
love for her family and her community was apparent to all who knew 
her. She could be counted on to organize an event and inspiring others 
to give of their time and was just as willing to show up and do the work 
required. She was humble, loving, and generous with her attention and 
friendships. Joan's interests in the Sierra Madre community included 
being active in the Garden Club and the Sierra Madre Historical Society. 
She enjoyed the honor of being the Older Citizen of the Year in 2013 and 
was deeply touched to the be the Grand Marshall of the Sierra Madre 
4th of July parade that same year. (continued on page 2) 
Residents were startled 
Saturday morning byburglary attempts and 
multi agency police 
By Susan Henderson 
Sierra Madre is no different than 
other cities when it comes to be-
ing victimized by the criminal ele-
ment. Despite the very best efforts 
of the city's outstanding police de-
partment, thieves have added this 
quiet town to their list of targets. 
In a press release issued this week,
the city outlined the actions that 
disrupted life in town last Satur-
day morning:
" On May 14, 2022, at approxi-
mately 10:00 A.M., Sierra Madre 
Police Officers responded to the 
300 block of E. Algeria Avenue, re-
garding a call of two males knock-
ing on the door of a residence and 
inquiring if the home was an "Air 
BnB." The caller gave a descrip-
tion of the pair as male blacks 
driving a black Mercedes with no 
license plate. The resident felt the 
activity was suspicious and offi-
cers responded to the area but were 
unable to immediately locate the 
vehicle or suspects.
At approximately 10:30 A.M., 
officers responded to a separate 
call in the 200 block of Old Ranch 
Road regarding suspects attempt-
ing to enter a residence througha bathroom window. The second 
caller was unable to describe the 
suspect(s), but one of her neighbors 
reported seeing a black Mercedes 
speeding away from the location.
Shortly thereafter officers located 
an unoccupied Mercedes, fitting 
the description provided by the 
first caller, parked in front of a resi-
dence in the 400 block of N. Bald-
win Avenue. Almost immediately, 
a resident in the 00 block of W. 
Mira Monte Avenue reported see-
ing two unknown male blacks in 
their backyard. Officers responded 
to the location where they observed 
the suspects and a foot pursuit en-
sued. A short time later, one of the 
suspects was found hiding in the 
yard of a nearby residence and tak-
en into custody. Unfortunately, thesecond suspect was able to evade 
Officers from the Arcadia, Pasa-
dena, and Monrovia Police De-
partments assisted with the con-
tainment and search. Investigation 
into this matter is ongoing." 
Police did arrest 18 year old Jor-
dan Jay Sells who was taken to Pas-
adena City Jail where his bail was 
set at $50,000.00. He was released 
the following day. 
At press time there was no infor-
mation on the second suspect avail-
able. Nor has a case been filed with 
the criminal courts. 
Conversations around town this 
week centered on whether or not 
the beleaguerd LA County District 
Attorney will even proceed with 
prosecution of this case. 
Ironically, and very timely, the 
Sierra Madre Police Department 
requested authorization to pur-
chase additional equipment to 
protect residents. The request was 
approved by the city council. (See 
related story below). Some resi-
dents also expressed a desire for 
citywide surveillance cameras such 
as those used by neighboring cities 
like Arcadia and Monrovia. 
Said one resident who asked not to 
be identified, "It is a fact that even 
with the very best police department 
in the area, these crooks can figure 
out how to get away. We need cam-
era's everywhere!" 
AZUSA $1,099,000 

4 bed 3.5 bath 2,995 sf 
Newer home in the Rosedale 
Community of Azusa 

PASADENA $849,000 

1 bed 1 bath 715 sf 
Great opportunity to build in prime 
NE Pasadena. Avail 5/2/22 

SIERRA MADRE $1,100,000 
3 bed 1.5 bath 1,282 sf 
Traditional Home with Remodeled 
Kitchen and Mountain Views

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