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Sierra Madre Parade Photos......Page B8
VOLUME 11 NO. 27Local Area 
Sierra Madre Parade Photos......Page B8
VOLUME 11 NO. 27Local Area 
News Briefs

 Body of missing South 
Pasadena boy found

 The body of a missing 
5-yesr-old boy was found last 
week near Lake Cachuma 
in Santa Barbara County. 
Officials said the remains of 
Aramazd Andressian Jr. were 
discovered June 30 after police 
received new information on 
the case. Andressian Jr. had 
been missing since April.

 Aramazd Andressian Sr., the 
boy’s father, has been charged 
with his murder. Andressian 
Sr. pled not guilty to the 
charge and is due back in 
court August 16. His bail was 
set at $10 million. 

 Andressian Sr. was arrested 
late last month in Las Vegas 
after authorities feared his 
was planning to flee the 

 Symposium, Free 
Radicals: Evolving 
Perspectives on the 
Convergence of Art & 

 Pasadena Arts Council 
(PAC) and the Williamson 
Gallery at ArtCenter College 
of Design will present the 
symposium today and 
Sunday, Free Radicals: 
Evolving Perspectives on 
the Convergence of Art & 
Science, the newest program 
of PAC’s AxS (art + science) 

 Free Radicals will present 
a robust, two-day program 
of artist talks, performances, 
and presentations. Rather 
than focus on one specific 
thematic, the symposium will 
present an array of diverse 
viewpoints and approaches 
to the intersection of art 
and science. Cybernetics, 
space research, Earth 
sciences, media archeology, 
and museology, will all be 
addressed and positioned 
within a greater conversation 
that recognizes the allied 
importance of both the 
arts and the sciences to the 
dynamic tenor of our time. 

For more visit

Council to hear Panda Inn Predevelopment Plan 

The city council is set to 
hear Monday night, for the 
first time, plans for a large 
multiuse project on FoothillBoulevard that include the 
remodel and expansion of 
Panda Inn restaurant, the 
construction of 258 multifamily 
units, remodeling of 
the existing CFT Gateway 
Center office building and 
adding additional parking to 
the area.

 The report is for information 
only and the council will take 
no action.

 According to the city 
staff report the site, on the 
south side of East Foothill 
Boulevard, between Halstead 
Street and Rosemead 
Boulevard, consists of three 
parcels of land and has a 
total size of approximately 

4.3 acres (187,410 square 
feet). The site is currently 
developed with a one-story, 
7,400 square foot commercial 
restaurant building, an 
11-story, 121 ,590 square 
foot office building, and 
surface parking areas for the 
The proposed project 

• Construction of a 258unit 
multi-family residential 

(Urban Housing) 

Pg. 4 
Pg. 3 
Pg. 7 
Pg. 10 
complex consisting 

of two buildings 
totaling 239,168 square 

• Remodel of an 
existing one-story, 7,400 
square-foot Panda Inn 
Restaurant building 
and a 535 square-foot 
Commercial Leaf Blower 
Exchange Program 

 The South Coast Air 
Quality Management 
District will open 
registration for this year’s 
Leaf Blower Exchange 
Program on Tuesday. 
Exchange events will 
be held August 14-31 
at multiple locations 
including Pasadena Aug. 

Pre-registration is 
required and the 
reservation is only valid 
for the date and location 
pre-selected. A maximum 
of five (5) leaf blowers 
can be exchanged per 
Commercial landscapers 
and gardeners operating 
within the South Coast 
Air Basin can exchange 
gasoline-poweredbackpack leaf blowers 
for new low-emission/
low-noise backpack leaf 
blowers from DeWALT 
and STIHL at a discounted 
price. Participation is also 
open to city and county 
agencies, special districts, 
school districts and 

addition, resulting in a 7,935 
square-foot restaurant;

• Exterior remodel of the 
first and second floors of 
the existing CFT Gateway 
Center office building; and
• 737 parking spaces, 
including spaces for the 
existing office building-
provided in two levels of 
subterranean parking, two 
levels of above-grade podium 
parking, one level of at-grade 
podium parking, and at-
grade surface lots. 
The number of residential 
units proposed with this 
project is 258 units; 26 of 
the units would be provided 
as on-site affordable 
housing units pursuant to 
the lnclusionary Housing 
Requirements of the Zoning 

 The next steps for the 
project include, Public 
hearings before the 
Design Commission are 
required for the proposed 
project. In addition, an 
environmental review would 
occur consistent with the 
requirements of CEQA. The 
following identifies the steps 
in the review process:

• Conduct environmental 
review per CEQA;
• Concept and Final Design 
Review by the Design 
Pursuant to the 
requirements of the 
California Environmental 
Quality Act (CEQA), an 
environmental review of 
the project would occur to 
analyze the project’s potential 
environmental impacts, as 

 This year we are offering four 

(4) battery-electric models 
and one (1) gasoline-powered 
model. Discount prices are 
available with the trade-in of 
a working, gasoline-powered 
backpack leaf blower. 
Compliant with state law, sales 
tax will be charged on the full 
retail value of the leaf blower.

 SCAQMD sponsors an annual 
Leaf Blower Exchange Program 
that helps clean the air through 
the exchange of backpack 
leaf blowers. Commercial 
landscapers and gardeners 
operating within the South 
Coast Air Basin can exchange 
old, noisy, high-polluting 
backpack leaf blowers for 
new low-emission/low-noise 
backpack leaf blowers available 
at a discounted price.

 Since the Leaf Blower Exchange 
Program began in 2006, 12,000 
old leaf blowers have been 
replaced, reducing 138,729pounds of hydrocarbon and 
NOx emissions per year. 

 All old leaf blowers that are 
retired through this program 
are scrapped and recycled.

 For more information visit 

identified by State and local 
environmental guidelines. 
At this time, it is not known 
what level of review will be 
required according to the 

 The Design Commission 
will be the review authority 
for the environmental review.

 The city council meets 
Monday at 6:30 p.m. in the 
Council Chamber, Pasadena 
City Hall 100 North Garfield 
Avenue, room S249. The 
agenda allows for public 
comment on the issue at the 
time of the report. 

DUI and 
Driver License 
Checkpointon Friday

 Pasadena Police Department 
Traffic Unit will be conducting 
a DUI/Driver License 
Checkpoint on Friday, 
between the hours of 7:00 

p.m. to 2:30 a.m. 
Officers will be looking for 

signs of alcohol and/or drug 

impairment, with officers 

checking drivers for proper 

licensing, delaying motorists 

only momentarily. When 

possible, specially trained 

officers will b e available to 

evaluate those suspected of 

drug-impaired driving, which 

now accounts for a growing 

number of impaired driving 


 DUI Checkpoints like this 

one are placed in locations 

based on collision statistics 

and frequency of DUI 

arrests, affording the greatest 

opportunity for achieving 

drunk and drugged driving 

deterrence. Locations 

are chosen with safety 

considerations for the officers 

and the public. 

 Drivers are encouraged to 

download the Designated 

Driver VIP, or “DDVIP,” free 

mobile app for Android or 

iPhone. The DDVIP app 

helps find nearby bars and 

restaurants that feature free 

incentives for the designated 

sober driver, from free non

alcoholic drinks to free 

appetizers and m ore. The 

feature-packed app even has 

social media tie-ins and even 

a tab for the non-DD to call 

Uber, Lyft or Curb.

 Drivers caught driving 

impaired can expect the 

impact of a DUI arrest to 

include jail time, fines, 

fees, DUI classes, license 

suspensions and other 

expenses that can exceed 

$10,000 not to mention the 

embarrassment when friends 

and family find out.

 Funding for this checkpoint 
is provided to Pasadena Police 
Department by a grant from 
the California Office of Traffic 
Safety, through the National 
Highway Traffic Safety 
Administration, reminding 
everyone to ‘Report Drunk 
Driver – Call 9-1-1’. 

Reception for State AttorneyGeneral Xavier Becerra 

Assemblymember ChrisHolden, in collaboration 
with the City of Pasadena, ishosting a community eventwith California Attorney 
General Xavier Becerra 
on Thursday from 5:30 to

7:00 p.m. in the Rotunda ofPasadena City Hall at 100Garfield Ave. 
“California AttorneyGeneral Becerra has a vitallyimportant job to protect ourshared California values,” 
said AssemblymemberChris Holden. “This event 
will provide an excellent 
opportunity for the 
community to hear from himdirectly and ask questions.”

 Assemblymember Holdenwill offer his remarks alongwith Pasadena Mayor TerryTornek.

 Xavier Becerra was sworn 
in as California’s attorneygeneral on January 2017. Hesucceeded Kamala Harris, 
who was elected to the U.S. 
Senate in November 2016. 
He will serve the final two 
years of Harris’ term.

New Invasive MosquitoSpecies Found In Pasadena

 Eggs from the Aedes albopictus 
mosquito that can infect 
humans with viruses such as 
Zika, dengue and chikungunya 
have been found in monitoring 
traps in Pasadena, the Pasadena 
Public Health Department 
(PPHD) announced today. 
Health Officials emphasized 
there are no reported cases of 
locally transmitted Zika or the 
other two viruses by this type of 
mosquito in Pasadena.

 “It is important for the public 
to be aware of the presence 
of this mosquito, which is 
different than the local variety 
of the insect, and to take steps 
now to help protect yourself 
and your family against these 
mosquitoes,” PPHD Health 
Officer Dr. Ying-Ying Goh said. 

 More than a dozen mosquito 
egg traps have been placed 
throughout Pasadena by the 
San Gabriel Valley Mosquito 
and Vector Control District 
(SGVMVCD) and four 
traps tested positive for eggs 
indicating that the Aedes 
albopictus mosquitoes, 

commonly called the Asian tiger 
mosquito, are now in Pasadena. 
Positive identification was 
confirmed on June 21.

 Additional action steps to 
take to fight against all types of 
mosquitoes include:

 Empty, scrub clean with hot 
water, turn over, cover--or 
throw out--unused outdoor 
items that hold water, such as 
tires, buckets, planters, toys, 
pools, birdbaths or flowerpots.

 Keep swimming pool water 
clean, sanitized and filtered. 
Same with ponds or birdbaths.

 Wear insect repellants 
containing DEET when 

 Wear long-sleeved shirts and 
long pants when outdoors if 
weather permits.

 Check window and door 
screens for holes, repair or 
When traveling, choose lodging 
that has air conditioning and 

 For more information contact 
the SGVMVCD at (626) 8149466, 
or at 

Becerra served in the U.S. 
House of Representativessince 1993 and won his 
13th consecutive term 
in November. While in 
Congress, Attorney GeneralBecerra was the first Latino 
to serve as a member of the 
powerful Committee on 
Ways And Means, servedas Chairman of the House 
Democratic Caucus, and was 
Ranking Member of the Waysand Means Subcommittee 
on Social Security. Becerrastepped down from Congressto assume the office of state 
Attorney General.

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