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VOLUME 14 NO. 27

 SATURDAY, JULY 4, 2020 

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By Francis Scott KeyIn honor of America’s Independence Day"The Star-Spangled Banner"
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On July 1, 2020 the City of Sierra Madre Fire Department was accepted as a participating member for Unified Response in the Verdugo Fire system. The Verdugo Fire system is 
comprised of 13 fire departments that operate under a single automatic aid agreement. When an emergency call is received at the Verdugo dispatch center, the closest available 
fire apparatus responds to the incident, regardless of jurisdiction.

“Congratulations to Interim Chief Bartlett and the entire Sierra Madre Fire Department for this historic achievement!” said Mayor John Capoccia. “I’m very proud of their hard 
work and dedication to prove to the members of the Verdugo agency that we were up to the task. Sierra Madre residents should also be very proud and secure knowing that we’ve 
achieved this long-time goal.”

Sierra Madre has been a member of the Verdugo system since 1999, but has not been included in automatic aid and unified response due to its status as a volunteer agency. 
The Sierra Madre City Council established a goal in 2017 to transition from a volunteer fire department to a career department in order to be accepted into unified response.

“Sierra Madre is safer, as are Sierra Madre’s neighbors, due to our acceptance into borderless response.” said City Manager Gabriel Engeland. “I would like to thank our Interim Fire 
Chief Brent Bartlett, and the men and women of the Sierra Madre Fire Department, as well as our past Chief Kurt Norwood and Chief Steve Heydorff. Without their commitment 
and hard work, we would not have achieved the City Council’s goal of being accepted into automatic aid with our peer agencies.”

Retired Fire Chief Heydorff offered his sincerest congratulations to City Manager, Gabe Engeland, the Fire Department 
and especially, to the residents of Sierra Madre. Said retired Fire Chief Stephen Heydorff, “inclusion into Unified Response 
has been a goal of the Fire Department since Sierra Madre joined the Verdugo Dispatch System in 1999. Every 
decision made on the direction of the Department was made to complete that goal. Thank you, to all of the past and 
present members for their hard work, personal sacrifices and hours of training.”

The Sierra Madre Fire Department has a proud and storied history extending back to 1921, and the infamous “Sierra 
Madre Bakery Fire”. After the fire, Sierra Madre residents saw the need for a local department and the Sierra Madre Volunteer 
Fire Department was established. The Sierra Madre Volunteer Fire Department was the last volunteer department 
in operation in Los Angeles County when the transition to a career department was completed.

“I am so proud of our Fire Department, and so grateful for all the support we have received. The inclusion in to Unified 
Response with in the Verdugo System is going to greatly enhance the level of service afforded to our community. The 
members of your Sierra Madre Fire Department vow to continuously provide quality service through the utmost professionalism,” 
said Interim Chief Bartlett



In Sierra Madre’s 
113 of years of incorporation, 
year of 2020 will go 
down in history.

When I first started 
for City Council 
in 2014- I understood 
that I was 
a Sierra Madre 
neophyte. I didn’t 
have grandparents 
that volunteered 
for city events, nor 
did I enjoy the childhood memories of Sierra 
Madre summers.

However, what I soon embraced, aside from 
the LOVE our City- was the feel, smell, taste, 
and essence of the 4th of July.

We can all list the things that we are NOT doing 
right now. 

I am not sitting in a dunk tank to help raise 
money for Sierra Madre Community Foundation. 
Slices of pizza are not being sold on the 
“sidewalk side” for the Kiwanis and food trucks 
are not lining the street. The kiddos aren’t 
crossing the finish line for the Fire Cracker 
Run. Moms aren’t running over to the Civic 
Club’s table to make sure they can buy at last 
5 crates of confetti eggs that will be smashed 
in 5 minutes. Camping chairs aren’t set out by 
dads in front of the band shell on the night 
of July 2nd to commandeer their spot for the 
latest “Brown-Eyed Girl” remake. Those of us 
that look over 35 years old aren’t being carded 
for the Friends of Little League’s beer garden. 
Blankets and chairs are not being roped off on 
the Boulevard and the breakfast buffets with 
Bloody Marys or Mimosas will not be set up. 
The Women’s Club isn’t preparing mini scones 
and coffee to welcome parade entrants- nor is 
Michelle or James of the 4th of July Committee 
instructing start positions or “go” times on 
the corner of Sunnyside. We won’t find roses 
sold by the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) 
being run to the parade participants and the 
Buccaneer Lounge’s famous chili isn’t sitting 
out back in the big 10-gallon pot. Bubble wrap 
is not lining the Memorial Park grounds for 
the Sierra Madre “Fireworks” show nor are we 
gathering at Sierra Vista Park for the Community 
Picnic and the end of the parade route.

And where is our sneak peak for the Sierra 
Madre Float for the upcoming Tournament 
of Roses Parade? I don’t see Katrella the belly-
dancer waving her scarf either or the Bottle 
Shop’s annual flatbed. Our Girl and Boy Scout 
troops are not on the route nor is the Community 
Nursing School. The Sierra Madre City 
College Turkey band’s kazoos and brown bags 
are all just collecting dust. 

At least I’m comforted to know that Taylor’s 
meats are still grilling in our backyards. I am 
also reassured that houses and city streets will 
still be adorned with the red, white, and blue- 
because when there’s a contest, we all come 
out to play.

This year’s Grand Marshalls: Mike & Natasha 
Comer and Tom & Dawn Dennison- who are 
well deserved for all they’ve done to support 
local businesses during the pandemic through 
Sierra Madre Thrives- will be leading on the 
4th. But yes, the “parade” will look very differently 
this year.

Despite what we are NOT doing- what we 
ARE doing this year, is showing the characteristics 
of an amazing City strengthened by 
history, community, and relationships.

As I expressed during our last City Council 
meeting- if there is a place and a time I would 
want to be “safer-at-home”… it is here. Here, 
in our lovely Village of the Foothills. I am 
thankful for the dedication of our local organizations, 
the commitment of our city staff 
and public safety teams, the perseverance of 
our local businesses, the unwavering loyalty 
of my fellow City Council colleagues, and the 
resilience of our City residents. 

So let us proudly waive our flag of patriotism 
this year by appreciating our 4th of July traditions 
and at the same time, planning the revival 
of our next Independence Day celebration.

Happy Fourth of July to each and every one of 
you! Stay safe and keep healthy!

Photo courtesy SMFD



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