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Mountain Views-News Saturday, April 20, 2024 




Richard Nichols, 95, passed 
away peacefully in San Gabriel, 
CA. on April 4, 2024. 

Richard leaves behind his 
4 children, Craig, Teresa, 
Kathleen & Keith as well 
as grandchildren, great 
grandchildren, step daughters 
& step sons. 

A graveside memorial service will be held Friday, May 
10th, at Resurrection Cemetery in Rosemead, CA. at 11:00 
AM. Richard's family welcomes his friends to join us. 

ALL THINGS By Jeff Brown 


Not long ago, the great fear about AI was that it would grow so 
much smarter than mere humans that it would seize control of 
the world. Maybe it still will, someday. But now that AI is out of 
the box and generating a tsunami of “content,” we’re confronting 
a more immediate danger; It is polluting the internet and 
dumbing down our culture with synthetic, soulless, error-filled, 
imitative junk. 

A backlash has begun. In the right context, AI can be an invaluable 
tool for sorting through vast archives of data, connecting 
the dots, and helping scientists, doctors, engineers, and financial 
institutions do their work.

But when harnessed to cheaply and quickly crank out articles, 
images, music, and art, AI replaces human creativity and self-
expression with sterile imitation. “Great art, or even not great 
art springs out of an individual’s personality/history,” the author 
Joyce Carol Oates recently posted on X. “AI is a machine that can 
mimic, but has no emotional history.” 

None of that matters to corporations seeking cheap content-that 
execrable word-to fill the vast maw of the internet and popular 
culture. With nothing unique or personal to express, AI turns 
out uncanny mashups of writing and images in its data set often 
laced with “hallucinations,” or falsehoods. AI/generated writing 
and art are two real writing and art what Hot-Pockets and McDonalds 
are to food. 

It is Tang in the place of orange juice. Every creative occupation-
including screenwriters, photographers, illustrators, artists, and 
authors-fear replacement and intellectual theft by AI. Google is 
already paying newspapers to publish AI-generated “journalism” 
and AI summaries of real books are polluting Amazon. Before 
long, movie studios will feed successful scripts into AI and 
ask it to write a blockbuster. 

Instead of killing humanity off with Terminators AI is numbing 
us with swarms of countless chatbots. It may diminish its creators 
by simply making us dumber.

William Falk Editor-at Large “The Week”

Honored last week by Congresswoman Chu (and pictured above) are:

Alhambra – Dr. Denise Jaramillo

Altadena – Katy Townsend

Arcadia – Hon. Eileen Wang

Claremont/Upland – Dr. Susan Warren

Monterey Park – Nina Loc

Pasadena – Mo Hyman

Pasadena – Arpi Krikorian

San Gabriel – Michelle Freridge

San Marino – Chun-Yen Chen

South Pasadena – Hon. Evelyn Zneimer

"The annual Women of the Year Awards Ceremony is among the highlights of my year,” said Rep. Chu. “The honorees have 
stood out in our communities because of their commitment to give back to the San Gabriel Valley. Every single honoree has 
been selected through an exhaustive process that begins with a nomination from their neighbors, friends, or family—the 
people in their communities who know them best and see their service up close. We received a flood of nominations from 
cities across the 28th congressional district of California, and the winners stood out not only because of their passion and 
drive, but because of the admiration from their neighbors and fellow citizens. I’m so proud of these role models and am 
honored to be recognizing them.”

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