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Michele Silence, M.A. is a 37-year certified fitness 

professional who offers semi-private/virtual fitness 
classes. Contact Michele at 
Visit her Facebook page at: michelesfitness Visit 
her Facebook page at: michelesfitness.


Everyone is talking about them. Most currently 
the diabetes drugs that are now being prescribed 
for dropping weight quick. But with all the info 
out there, it’s hard to know if they’re right for you, 
if they’re safe and do they really work. Let’s start 
by looking at the names of the most popular ones. 

• Ozempic and Rybelsus: These meds 
contain something called semaglutide. They’re 
in a group of medicines called GLP-1 receptor 
agonists. They work by telling your body to 
release more insulin, slowing down how fast you 
digest food, and making you feel less hungry. 
When you’re less hungry, you might eat less and 
lose weight.
• Victoza and Trulicity: These are also 
GLP-1 receptor agonists, just like Ozempic and 
Rybelsus. They do similar things: boost insulin 
and lower your appetite.
• Mounjaro: This one is newer. It combines 
GLP-1 and GIP receptor agonists. It helps your 
body release more insulin, slows down how fast 
your stomach empties, and makes you want to 
eat less. All of this can help you lose weight.
• Canagliflozin, Empagliflozin, and 
Dapagliflozin: These are part of a group called 
SGLT2 inhibitors. They work differently from 
the others. Instead of messing with insulin, they 
stop your kidneys from soaking up too much 
glucose, so your body ends up peeing out the 
extra sugar. This can also help you lose weight.
• Phentermine, Lorcaserin, and 
Phentermine/Topiramate: These drugs target 
chemicals in your brain that control how hungry 
or full you feel. By tweaking these chemicals, 
they can help you eat less and lose weight over 

Weight loss drugs do different things to help you 
lose weight. Let’s break it down:

Blocking fat absorption: Some drugs prevent your 
body from absorbing fat from food. This means 
you take in fewer calories, which can help you lose 

Increasing metabolism: Other drugs speed up 
your metabolism. This means your body burns 
more calories, even when you’re not active. This 
helps create a calorie deficit, which can lead to 
weight loss. Some drugs do this by stimulating 
your nervous system or affecting hormones. 
However, some, like DNP, can be dangerous, so 
it’s best to avoid them. It’s typically stimulants that 
can help with weight loss.

Changing hormone levels: Some drugs alter the 
hormones in your body. These hormones control 
things like hunger and energy use. By changing 
them, these drugs can help you lose weight. 

Reducing fat storage: A few drugs target how your 
body stores fat. They might stop certain enzymes 
from making fat or change how your body uses fat 
for energy. This helps reduce the amount of fat in 
your body and aids weight loss.

Taking any of the above medications should be 
taken very seriously. Common side effects of 
the diabetes drugs listed above include Nausea, 
Vomiting, Diarrhea, Constipation, Stomach-area 
pain, Headache, Tiredness, Heartburn, Dizziness, 
Feeling bloated, Belching, Low blood sugar in 
patients with type 2 diabetes, Gas, Stomach 
infection (gastroenteritis), Acid reflux disease, and 
common cold symptoms.

Also to consider is how important it is that you 
drop weight right away. Is it a life or death issue? If 
so it might be just what you need. But know that at 
some point you will go off of the medication. How 
will you sustain any weight loss then? If you’ve 
made some good dietary changes and exercise 
more that could be enough. Be aware of how long it 
could realistically take to lose the weight you want 
to along with the money it will cost depending on 
whether insurance will cover it or not. And don’t 
forget that just because you may not be hungry, 
doesn’t mean you won’t eat. Research studies 
have shown that more than 25% of people eat for 
emotional reasons. If that includes you, it will take 
a different approach, addressing the psychological 
issues attached to food to create a lasting change in 
eating habits.

While weight loss drugs can be effective for some 
individuals, they are typically recommended 
as part of a comprehensive weight loss plan that 
includes dietary changes, increased physical 
activity, and behavioral strategies. Always look at 
the fine print. Just about all gadgets, pills, potions, 
or remedies for weight loss offer the standard 
clause: “For optimal results, use in conjunction 
with a balanced diet and regular exercise routine.” 
When you see that, be prepared to do those things 
to make the outcome most successful. In fact, if 
you do those things, you may not even need the 
drug or anything else. Lifestyle habits really are 
that powerful.

 If you decide to move ahead with a pharmacological 
approach, consult with a healthcare professional 
before starting any weight loss medication. Be 
absolutely sure. Weight loss drugs come and go. 
Ayds. Fen-Phen. Ephedra. Eating healthy and 
being more active never go out.


Often, looking back is not a good thing. But for me, when two 
weeks ago, my family and I drove to Las Vegas to share in the 
salute of our 1984 REBEL football team, it was a very great thing. 
It was Spring Game weekend for the present UNLV Team, and 
the ’84 team was honored in a reunion in recognition of our 
accomplishments of forty years ago. Our 1984 team had an 
11-2 record and were PCAA football champs and beat Toledo 
in the California Bowl. We had been inducted into the UNLV 
Hall of Fame in 2018 which was another honor. We had winning seasons at the University 
of Nevada Las Vegas. 

Our teams during those times at UNLV had to overcome adversity and challenges on all 
sides: uncertain administrative support, a new level of play (it was the University’s first year 
of Division I football) new rules and regulations. Jerry Tarkanian’s basketball teams were the 
big game in town, and basketball ball was king. We came in to try to gain the same spirit of 

Recruiting was something I enjoyed, and understood that great players and good coaches 
could be a real winning combination. The team we developed was the best in UNLV history 
and was recognized as such on our Saturday in April. The UNLV staff and boosters really 
went all out for our reunion. 

The reunion was important to forty players along with their families and coaching staff 
and wives who were entertained as a group. Off that great team we had NFL players (49ers, 
Eagles, Vikings, Cowboys, Falcons, Colts, Seahawks, Bengals, Broncos) , and coaches for 
the Saints, Chargers, Dolphins, and Patriots. Fans of this tough and capable team from so 
many different backgrounds would be surprised to learn that after football and college they 
became football coaches, school principals, building contractors, hotel executives, law 
enforcement officers, teachers, insurance brokers, real estate developers, athletic directors, 
and people in service organizations. For the weekend they came from Nevada, California, 
Arizona parts East and up North. Our starting center came from his work in Dubai, and 
travelled 27 hours to join us. 

On Friday night in a private club we were able to share as a team… forty years later, what our 
commitment to each other had meant then, and continues to mean now. Lessons learned 
and problems and situations shared. In the pressure of the game time and prep, we don’t 
appreciate the impact our words and actions can have even years later. Players talked about 
a “brotherhood” of teammates on both sides of the ball, and I knew I would walk down an 
alley or share a foxhole with that group any time. The staff had created a poster with names 
and pictures of those who were lost over the past forty years. 21 players and staff from that 
team have gone and we remembered their contributions as well. But we knew that “once 
a Rebel, always a Rebel” was true. And in those days, this was mostly the case. No one left 
voluntarily to points beyond. 

I shared how it was then and now, and how our experiences tied us together forever. This 
team overcame big odds to be who they are. The players shared that this had made them 
who they are today and were grateful for the experience. It is heartwarming now, to realize 
how much this could mean for individual lives. Our team motto, “TEAM-me” really was 
believed. It was not difficult to be voted “Coach of the Year” with these guys as our troops. 
I love every one of them, and am proud of their accomplishments on the field and beyond 
in life, practicing what we learned as a team and proved: “It’s not where you start, it’s where 
you finish that counts” These guys were ready to play physical football with one heart beat. 

On that Saturday we gathered in Allegiant Stadium (home of the Raiders and last year’s 
Super Bowl) to join the current team for their Spring Game. We couldn’t help but notice 
how times had changed, from a sandy stadium in the middle of the desert, to this luxurious 
building, with tv screens, club level gourmet food, and loge seats. 

Before the Spring game, we huddled up for photos and video on the field and Barry Odom, 
the current Head Football Coach entered the huddle. I handed him the game ball and told 
him to break our record. He spoke to our team that day as well as on Friday night before, 
and expressed respect for all of us and his hope to follow that example to break our record 
for the most wins in the school history. We wish them the best. Go Rebels!

It was a special weekend with family and special people in my life. I was ready to call a play 
myself and break the huddle. Just one more play! We support Rebel football and wish for 
them a great season. Meanwhile our ’84 team will sit back and remember our own glory 
days, and keep on telling our stories. 1… 2… 3… ready Break! 

Follow me @ coachharveyhyde or 


Get ready to put on your athletic shoes and hit 
the scenic trail at Legg Lake in Whittier Narrows 
Recreation Area. The KID-FIT Family Fun Run is 
back in South El Monte, on Saturday, May 18th.

This event, organized by The KID-FIT Preschool 
Health and Fitness Organization from Duarte, CA, 
aims to promote healthy lifestyle habits in young 
children and their families. With cash prizes for 
youth top place age group finishers and a $500 
cash scholarship for a deserving area preschool 
to enhance fitness activities, there’s plenty of 
motivation to participate.

Thanks to generous sponsors like B.J.’s Restaurant, 
Longo Toyota/Lexus, SCE Credit Union, Arcadia 
Chinese Association, Run With Us, Susan Rubio, 
Craig’s Crew, SGV Water, SoCal Gas and Blanca 
Rubio, this event promises to be a blast for the 
entire family.

Also supporting the event are various running 
groups, including the Foothill Flyers, who will 
be providing HAM radio operations to ensure 
everyone’s safety throughout the event. There will 
also be stuffed raffle baskets with prizes such as 
overnight stays in Las Vegas, Angels Baseball tickets, Dinner Gift Certificates, Museum tickets and 

Whether you’re 3 or 93, there’s something for everyone. Children aged 3 to 8 can take part in the 1K 
event and will receive a medal and a t-shirt. Meanwhile, 5K participants will be of all ages, walking or 
running proving that fitness knows no age limits.

Last year’s event attracted hundreds of 
participants, and this year promises to be 
even bigger. With eight different school teams 
already registered, the competition is heating 

The KID-FIT Family Fun Run provides an 
opportunity to promote fitness and fun in 
your community. If you’re interested in 
volunteering or getting discounts on school 
team registrations, contact Michele at michele@ or call 626-848-2950. Register now 
at the website under KID-FIT 
Family Fun Run. 

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