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A Plan For Skilled Nursing Facility?

Developer Considering Residential Units

 In late August, three people were 
robbed at gunpoint behind 14 E. Sierra 
Madre Blvd., between Taylor’s and the 
old Valero station. The event occurred 
around 8:30 in the evening.

 Using the information obtained from 
witnesses which included a vague 
description of the getaway car, “a 
small dark car”, Sierra Madre Police 
Sergeant Joe Ortiz, with the assistance 
of the Pasadena Police Department’s 
special investigative team identified a 

 Ortiz put the man under surveillance 
and subsequently obtained a search 
warrant which lead to the arrest of 
Raymond Concha, 21, of Sierra Madre. 

 Concha was booked on felony charges 
of armed robbery and required to post 
a $50,000 bond before being released. 
His next court date is pending.

 This arrest comes at a time when 
there has been a visible change in the 
nature of crimes committed in Sierra 
Madre. As previously reported in 
this paper, there have been increased 
incidences of gangs from other areas 
committing burglaries and car thefts. 

 Two weeks ago, there was an attempted 
kidnapping of a young woman by two 
men, white or Armenian who pulled 
the woman off the street and forced her 
into their car. The incident happened 
at 11:30 at night as the woman was 
walking down the street. She was not 
a local resident. No arrests have been 
made in that case yet, however there is 
an open investigation of the incident.

 The week before the kidnapping 
attempt, a Sierra Madre teen was 
robbed at gunpoint, also while 
walking down Sierra Madre Blvd.

 There is an indication from 
neighboring police departments that 
there has been an increase in property 
crimes committed by parolees who 
have been released from prison before 
finishing their sentences due to the 
State and County’s Early Release 

 Sierra Madre Police Chief Marilyn 
Diaz advises residents that it is time 
to be more cautious when it comes 
to our own safety. She indicated that 
residents are still leaving their doors 
open, leaving cars unlocked, leaving 
valuables in plain sight in the car, all 
invitations for thieves.

 “The most common thefts are from 
unlocked vehicles where the owners 
have left valuables covered with a 
jacket or newspaper, which is not a 

 Diaz suggests that residents become 
more observant. “When you notice 
someone you are unfamiliar with 
sitting in a parked car, walking from 
house to house you should contact 
the police department. You don’t 
have to be right, you just have to be 

 Diaz also encourages residents to 
become involved in the Neighborhood 
Watch Program where they can learn 
how to identify suspicious behavior, 
learn how to stay connected with your 
neighbors, learn crime statistics and 
learn how to stay safe and protect your 

 For more information on the 
Neighborhood Watch Program 
contact the SMPD at 355-1414.

S. Henderson/MVNews

Armed Robbery Arrest

Sierra Madre Man Charged With Attack

SMPD Sgt. Joe Ortiz headed 
investigation that led to arrest.

A preliminary proposal has been 
submitted to the City of Sierra 
Madre for the development of the 
property that housed the Skilled 
Nursing Center. The property 
has been vacant for several years 
and just recently the “For Sale” 
sign was taken down and the 
boards were removed from the 
the windows and entries facing 
Sierra Madre Blvd.

 The proposal has been submitted 
by Warmington Residential, 
California, a company that 
specializes in the construction 
of luxury homes.

 The property has not yet been 
purchased, possibly pending 
whether or not the proposed 
project is feasible for the City of 
Sierra Madre.

The current proposal calls for the 
construction of 18 single family 
homes. It calls for the construction 
of 10 frontage houses (facing Sierra 
Madre Blvd.), and 8 houses that 
will not be visible from the street. 
It also calls for two small parks, 
presumably for the residents of the 

 The illustrative site plan indicates 
that there will be four types of houses 
constructed. The development will 
have a mix of Craftsman, Cottage, 
Spanish and Monterey style homes.

 Entry into the project will be 
from both Sierra Madre Blvd. and 
Hermosa Avenue.

 The units range in size from 1,445 
sq. ft. to 2,286 sq. ft.

 The plans, drafted by Danielian 
& Associates Architects of Irvine, 
California, indicate that there will 

Four 3 Bedroom Units of 1,445 sf

Four 3 Bedroom Units of 1,657 sf

Six 4 Bedroom Units of 1,948 sf


Four 4+Bedroom Units of 2,286sf.

 Although there have been 
numerous developers and persons 
of interest that have discussed a 
variety of uses for the property, 
this is the first time a preliminary 
proposal has been submitted since 
approximately 2006.

 The project area is 1.84 acres which, 
as proposed makes the density 9.84 
homes/acre. The units are also two 
stories making the project appear to 
be in compliance with Measure V. 

The units, as currently configured, 
will be sold at market rate, with no 
indication at this point that there 
will be any set asides for low or 
moderate income families.

Within the next few weeks, a formal 
introduction of the developers and 
the project will be made to the 
planning commission and earnest 
talks will begin.

Rendering of preliminary drawings - Proposed Sierra Madre View 

by S. Henderson

The Skilled Nursing Center on W. Sierra Madre Blvd. as it currently looks.

Photo by S. Henderson

The California Joint Powers 
Insurance Authority Settles Case of 
Jensen vs. Sierra Madre

Sierra Madre, CA. The case of Jason Jensen versus the City of Sierra Madre was 
recently settled by the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (California 
JPIA). The lawsuit was the result of an officer involved shooting in January, 
2009. The City of Sierra Madre did not approve the settlement and continues 
to believe that the case should be fought in court.

 However, the City’s agreement with the California JPIA, its risk management 
pool, specifies that the JPIA has final authority in how cases are handled and 
settled. The California JPIA settled the Jensen matter to avoid further costs 
associated with defending the lawsuit. Paul Zeglovitch with the California 
JPIA stated that, “This case was settled solely to avoid the costs associated with 
defending the lawsuit, and it was strictly an economic decision.” The JPIA 
funded the settlement. 

Rendering of preliminary drawings - The proposal includes a mixture of architectural styles, Craftsman, 
Cottage, Spanish and Monterey Style 3 and 4 bedroom houses. by S. Henderson

Fire Department 

 The City of Sierra Madre Fire 
Department would like to invite the 
residents of the City of Sierra Madre 
to join us in a dedication ceremony 
on Saturday October 2nd, 2010 from 
9am to 11am. This ceremony will 
dedicate three new pieces of fire, 
and ambulance apparatus the fire 
department has recently purchased 
and placed into service. Members 
of the general public who attend the 
ceremony will have the opportunity 
to see the new equipment up close 
and personal; as well as, take a 
tour of the fire station, and speak 
with current members of the Sierra 
Madre Fire Department. 

 Refreshments will be provided to all 
those who attend. Fire Chief Stephen 
Heydorff; as well as, members of 
the current and past city councils 
will be making comment during 
this occasion. The ceremony will 
take place at the Sierra Madre Fire 
Department located at 242 W. Sierra 
Madre Blvd. Official dedication will 
take place at 9:30 am. 

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 Proceeds from this event enable the Youth Activity Center (YAC) of Sierra Madre to purchase new supplies and 
equipment and host programs and classes for YAC members. 

 The golf portion of the tournament will be held at the Eaton Canyon Golf Course. The golf tournament will be a nine-
hole, best ball, foursome format. The tennis tournament will be held at the Orange Grove tennis courts in the City of 
Arcadia and will follow a mixed doubles, round-robin format. Both the golf and tennis tournament will begin at 8:00am.

 Following the tournaments a lunch reception and awards ceremony will be held at the Hart Park House at 12:00pm. Registration 
forms for the Oktoberfest Golf and Tennis Tournament can be found on Page 3 or at City Hall or the Recreation Center. 

 The cost for the golf tournament is $70.00 per person and the cost of the tennis tournament is $50.00 per person, both fees include 
lunch. Lunch reception and awards ceremony only tickets are $25.00 per person. 

For more information on the event or on how to contribute please call Kyle Schnurr, Events Specialist, at 626-355-5278 ext. 705.

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