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A Busy Summer’s End

 Residents of Sierra Madre have been 
engaged in a plethora of activities the 
last few weeks of summer. Among 
them were last week’s Individual 
Emergency Preparedness Festival and 
A Taste of Sierra Madre. In addition, 
activities for youth, such as the 
Library’s Summer Reading program 
have kept children and families busy, 
busy, busy! Clockwise, from top left 
to right, one young resident enjoys the 
best seat in town on Dad’s shoulders as they stroll through Kersting Court. (Photo by C. Bertrand) Above are 
some of the 75+ children that participated in the Library’s Summer Reading Program. A pool party was held 
at the city’s swimming pool 
to congratulate the youth for 
their commitment to reading 
during summer vacation. 
Each student read between 30 
and 254, yes, 254 books over 
the summer! Funding for the 
Challenger Program (the upper 
level children) was provided by 
the Sierra Madre Kiwanis Club. 
(Photo by S. Henderson) Each 
child received a Certificate 
of Recognition, a book and a 
frog, inflatable of course! Last 
week families had the chance 
to learn what to do in the event 
of an emergency. The Quakey, 
Shakey School House (left) 
allowed visitors to simulate 
an earthquake and instruct 
them on what to do. (Photo 
by D. Lee). Also among 
those seen around town during 
this summer were the teen 
volunteers who works with 
H2Owl. (Photo by C. Bertrand)

City Announces 2010 Sierra Madre 
Honors... Awardees

The annual recognition of outstanding 
service to the city, whether by staff or 
volunteers will be held on September 
23, 2010. At that time Sierra Madre will 
have the opportunity to recognize and 
honor its volunteers, City Commissioners 
and employees. Sierra Madre 
Honors… recognizes all out-going City 
Commissioners and awardees selected 
from nominations submitted to the 
Mayor’s Ad-Hoc Committee comprised 
of past recipients. The following are the 
awardees for 2010:

 George Maurer Lifetime Service Award – 
George Enyedi

Presented to a person/entity that most 
strongly represents a commitment to 
serving and volunteering, which is the true 
spirit of Sierra Madre, over the course of a 

 Wistaria Award – Sierra Madre Little 

In recognition of City/Community 
partnership, presented to a local 
business or organization whose major 
contributions to the City/Community of 
Sierra Madre have demonstrated a true 
partnership which assists in and provides 
services, programs or enhances the 
general welfare of the community

 Police Chief’s Special Award – Carroll 
Eugene Gray

Presented by the Sierra Madre Chief of Police 
to an individual who has demonstrated 
outstanding dedication to duty (employee) 
or service (community) in resolving a 
community law enforcement-related issue 

 Public Safety Award – Hank Landsberg

Presented by the Mayor to an individual, 
either an employee or citizen, who took 
action to protect and maintain the safety 
of the community 

 Public Service Award – Debbie 

Employee of the Year – presented by the 
Mayor upon the recommendation of 
the City Manager to an extraordinary 
city employee who has represented 
remarkable customer and public service 
as well as dedication to the citizens of 
Sierra Madre 

 Community Youth Service Award – 
Brittany Dashek and Taryn Clark

Presented by the Mayor to a young adult 
in the community who demonstrates 
dedication and outstanding service to the 

 The 2010 Sierra Madre Honors… Dinner and 
Awards will be held on Thursday, September 
23 in Sierra Madre by invitation only. For 
more information contact the Community 
and Personnel Services Department at 626-

Council Returns To Full Agenda

By Susan Henderson

 The brief vacation that members 
of the Sierra Madre City Council 
had during the month of August 
(one meeting), did nothing to stop 
the accumulation of issues that 
needed to be addresses upon their 

 At their first meeting after the 
break on Tuesday night, old and 
new issues dominated the agenda.

 Most notably was letter sent to 
the council by several members 
of the community alleging that 
the city had not followed the law 
when it notified residents of the 
proposed water rate increase. 
The allegations also suggest that 
the city failed to disclose the true 
reasons for the proposed rate 
increase. Information that was 
sent to residents and made public 
to the city suggest otherwise.

 Resident John Hermann, who 
signed the letter with two other 
residents and Former Mayor 
Kurt Zimmerman, said that 
his concerns were quite simple. 
Hermann said that after residing 
in the city for more than 50 years 
and watching over “a couple 
decades” of water issues that 
had been mishandled in the 
past, “questioning the historical 
presentation of the numbers that 
have been passed down” is my 
only concern. He went on to say, 
“I trust our city government. I was 
very impressed with Bruce Inman 
and the water tour. I just feel that 
there should be enough expertise 
in City Hall to make certain that 
we don’t get out pockets picked.”

Other Items:

 On the agenda for the evening 
were two other proposed fee 
increases. A Public Hearings was 
held on a proposed increase in 
the City Wide User Fee Schedule 
and consideration of an increase 
in the Public Facilities Fees 
(Development Impact Fees).

A Family Tradition Continues

Webster’s Fine Stationary of Altadena

By LaQuetta Shamblee

What does 
Webster’s Fine 
Stationers have 
in common with 
the U.S. Treasury 
Both purchase 
specialty paper 
products from Crane & Company, the 
Massachusetts-based enterprise that 
has supplied “paper” manufactured 
from cotton rags since 1810. This local 
store is the only Altadena location 
where fine stationery from this 
manufacturer is sold.

 The familiar façade at 2540 N. Lake 
Avenue, Suite B gives no indication of 
major changes that took place three 
years ago when the family business 
restructured, dividing the pharmacy, 
liquor and Hallmark divisions into 
three separate entities. That’s when 
Lori Elliot Webster and her husband 
Scott purchased the stationery 
division. He is the grandson of Frank 
Webster who founded the original 
pharmacy and liquor store in 1926.

 The sign outside may say stationery, 
but an interior perusal quickly 
validates Lori’s contention, “it’s not 
just stationery, we’ve made this more 
of a lifestyle boutique.’ All of the core 
essentials needed in a home office 
are stocked, plus basic services like 
faxing, copying, laminating, personal 
mail boxes, packaging and overnight 
shipping via UPS or FedX.” Back-to-
school supplies and a collection of 
children’s toys and gifts round out the 
selection with something for the entire 

 An impressive selection of gift items, 
artwork and books by Altadena artists 
and authors is available. Onsite 
packaging and shipping makes out-
of-town gift giving ideal. Fancifully 
illustrated greeting cards by Karen 
Bagnard and wooden wall art by 
Danielson Designs and Custom 
Wallscapes are two of the newest 
additions noted on their website (click 
tab: “what’s new at wfs”). This type of 
support, distribution and visibility is 
critical to artists’ and authors’ ability 
to generate and establish income from 
their creative talents.

 With a commitment to running 
the business in an eco-friendly and 
socially responsible manner, they carry 
a growing inventory of merchandise 
that is fair trade or made in the USA. 
“When deciding what to carry in our 
store, we try to offer merchandise that 
has meaning,” states Lori. Some of the 
jewelry on display is distributed by 
Georgia-based, Open Hand Design, 
which donates 10% of sales to the 
“Not For Sale” Campaign to combat 
the contemporary problem of human 

 With more than 500 followers on 
Facebook and almost 400 on Twitter, 
it’s clear that technology has become 
the hub for communicating with the 
community and customers about the 
happenings here. Basics like their 
user-friendly website and e-mail are 
complemented by having almost 600 
followers on Facebook and almost 
400 on Twitter.” Upcoming events 
include a Social Media “Meet & 
Greet” the first week in October that 
includes a wine tasting. Local bloggers 
will be featured, including Timothy 
Rutt ( and Debbi 
Swanson Patrick (“Altadena Above 
It All”). Ideal for baby boomers and 
beyond, this event will include a “how-
to’s” on using Facebook and You Tube.

 As part of their participation in “Shop 
Local Altadena,” customers can save 15%-off 
for purchases over $20. Open seven days a 
week, Webster’s Fine Stationers is located at 
2540 N. Lake Avenue, Altadena, CA 91001. 
For easy, online shopping, or to sign-up for 
Facebook or Tritter to learn about upcoming 
events, visit www.webstersfinestationers.
com. For additional information, call (626) 
797-1135 or e-mail

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