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From The Editor

Sierra Madre 
91024 - 

A Town Like No Other

There is only one Sierra Madre, California. 
A quaint, foothill village that maintains its 
charm and character despite its proximity 
to the second largest city in the United 

 We have a diverse community full of 
colorful characters, each quite unique 
and yet all united in our determination to 
maintain the town, “just as it is”. We just 
don’t always agree on how to do that.

 Across the United States on this day, there 
will be remembrances of the horrendous 
act of terrorism that befell the nation 
nine years ago. It was a heart wrenching 
reminder to all of just how much this 
country means to us and how much we 
should cherish the freedoms that we enjoy 
and take for granted.

 In this town, we have a day that is 
combined with celebrations of our 
freedom, charitable giving and also, more 
sobering activities to teach us how to cope 
in the event of disaster. We encourage you 
to come out and participate in the activities 
of the day. Without any doubt in my mind, 
you will see the very best of Sierra Madre 
in action, working together, being the best 
that we can be.

 To that end, this edition of the Mountain 
Views News is dedicated to the people and 
organizations that make this town what it 

 In the pages that follow, you will learn 
about the organizations and some of the 
people that are the glue that keeps this 
town together.

 We hope that you will take the time to 
carefully consider where you can best fit 
in and join the ranks of the hundreds of 
volunteers that make things happen.

 Susan Henderson, Publisher/Editor

The Next Voice You Hear....

 City Council Members, left to right, Josh Moran, Mayor Joe Mosca, 
Nancy Walsh, and former Mayor Mary Ann MacGillivray are joined 
by Former Mayor George Maurer and Sierra Madre Community Radio 
Station Manager Hank Landsberg as the ‘ceremonial’ ribbon cutting is 
done for. A representative from Congressman Drier’s Office was on hand 
and presented the city with a commendation for developing the station.

 The new station, 1630 AM will serve as a round the clock emergency 
notification system as well as a public service announcement vehicle 
during times of non-emergency. Residents are encouraged to tune into 
the new station to hear announcements of civic activities. This new 
emergency broadcast system will also be accompanied by the town’s 
historic horn. The horn is currently being renovated by will soon be 
sounded daily at 5:00 p.m. Photo by Bill Coburn

City Council To Meet September 14th

 After a brief summer vacation, the Sierra Madre City Council will 
resume its regular meeting schedule beginning this Tuesday. 

 On the agenda are a Public Hearing on the Water Rates, 
Commission appointments and further discussion on the Canyon 
Zone moratorium.

 The council meets at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall, 232 W. Sierra Madre 
Blvd. For more information call 626-355-7135.

Inside This 


Do You Know These People? 
You should. They are part of the staff that keeps Sierra Madre functioning. They are 
members of the City Hall staff decked out in tropical attire on Hawaiian Shirt Day, 
August 10, 2010. They are the people you speak with on the telephone or in person 
when you have a problem with just about any and everything. Will they work for 
brownies or other goodies? Absolutely. Stop by and say thank you sometime!

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 Page 6


The City of Sierra Madre is in the process 
of updating its General Plan. This 
document guides the policy-making 
of city government, and serves as the 
City’s “constitution” for land use and 
community development. It represents 
the basic community values, ideals and 

aspirations for the future. As such, it is 
vital that the community as a whole be 

 In 1996 the City of Sierra Madre 
adopted a General Plan that was written 
by the people and for the people. It was 
the vision of the community that Sierra 
Madre retain its village atmosphere, stay 
safe and friendly, and provide services 
that people want and need. That plan 
has served our town faithfully and well, 
but it is time for an update for the next 
20 years. 

 You might ask yourself: “Am I qualified 
to participate and give input on the 
future of our city?” YES, you are and the 
more of you that get involved, the better 
the plan will be.

 Please join us at our next Outreach 
Team meeting on Monday, September 
13, at 7 pm at the Church of the 
Ascension, Baldwin and Laurel. The 
Outreach Team meets on the second 
and fourth Monday of the month, and 
will be discussing, among other items, 
how to communicate to the entire 
community to make sure every facet 
of our community is represented in 
formulating the General Plan. 

 If you have questions, please 
contact De Alcorn, Secretary of 
Service and Volunteering at dalcorn@ or call City Hall 
at 626-355-7135. 

The committee and the community look 
forward to hearing from you. 


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