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VOLUME 14 NO. 28 

 SATURDAY, JULY 11, 2020 


broker lic. #01514230 | source: CoreLogic, Freddie Mac, Bankrate 
Jan Greteman 626.975.4033 #01943630 
Judy Webb-Martin 626.688.2273 #00541631 
Katie Orth 626.688.0418 #00942500 
We are active and doing business 
safely and successfully. Call us today 
if you are looking to buy or sell! 
Your Story. Your Home. Your Team. 
Together Stronger. 
230 W. Montecito Ave 
Sierra Madre 91024 
901 Cabrillo Dr #32A 
Duarte 91010 
If you are trying to sell your home, there’s no doubt one of 
the things you’ve heard most frequently is the importance 
of decluttering. Not only will decluttering help you sell your 
home faster, there is a good chance you’ll be able to sell 
for a higher price, as well! To get started, use these easy to 
follow decluttering tips and tricks. 
We ARE Busy 
Recently Sold 
The Bedroom The Kitchen 
Make your bedroom more 
appealing by neutralizing the 
wall color, using bedding that 
matches, and removing any 
personal items. Using gender 
neutral colors allows you to 
immediately cast a wider net 
for your buyers, speeding up 
the sale. 
If your kitchen cabinets are out 
of date, consider staining or 
painting them and adding some 
modern hardware instead of 
making any major replacements. 
Remove any appliances or 
knick-knacks cluttering the 
countertop—your kitchen 
will immediately look more 
The Living Room The Bathrooms 
Remove or put away any clutter 
in your living room or common 
spaces. Once this is done, use 
natural light to your benefit 
by opening window shades 
and blinds to make your room 
appear more airy and spacious. 
In bathrooms, consider packing 
up any products or medications 
that aren’t regularly used, and 
find a new home for jewelry or 
extra toiletry items. Remove 
any stains from tile and grout, 
and make sure all plumbing is in 
good working order. 
The Closet The Garage 
Potential home buyers will 
be checking out your closets, 
so make sure they are not 
too full, or you run the risk of 
buyers thinking they won’t have 
enough storage space. 
Clear out any clutter and make 
sure everything is put away in 
its place. Try hanging larger 
items on walls to open up the 
floor space. Remove any bins 
or items to be donated, making 
your space appear larger. 
Selling Your Home? 
Declutter First! 
Listed at $818,000 
162 E Sierra Madre Blvd – represented the seller 
1115 Cordova – represented the buyer 
451 Camillo – represented the seller 
690 Oak Crest Dr - represented the buyer 
381 Mariposa Ave #B – represented the seller 
118 East Laurel Ave #C – represented the seller 
60 Rancho Rd – represented the buyer 
Listed at $379,000 
3 Beds | 2 Baths | 1,152 sf 2 Beds | 1 Bath | 832 sf 
Congratulations to the 
Sierra Madre July 4th 
Committee for organizing 
a creative and successful 
RIDE & WAVE Parade 

True to form, the Sierra Madre community 
rallied together and despite 
the challenges of COVID-19, celebrated 
July 4th in a safe and fun manner. 
Residents along the parade route were 
pleasantly surprised to see the line of 
vintage cars, decorated golf carts and 
more meandering through the town. 

The parade allowed viewers to stay socially 
distanced without crowds! To 
view the parade online, go to: 

The committee also held the first ever decorating contest! Local businesses 
Casa Del Rey and Mother Moo donated the prizes! Winners are: 

Most Patriotic- 547 W Highland 

Community Favorite - 30 Bonita 

Most Fun - 460 Sierra Keys 

Best Sierra Madre Spirit - 118 W Grandview 

As has been said so many times, 'Sierra Madre Thrives!'. 

Photos courtesy July 4th Committee 

OTHER JULY 4th Activites on the lighter side 


Those of you who know 
me have heard me say 
my 2-year-old puppy 
is a lot of dog for me to 
handle. This Fourth of 
July was simply another 
example. I do not even 
know how to tell you this, 
but Abby was looking for 
a cool place to be on the 
afternoon of the 4th. I 
pushed my white runner 
under my bathtub on leg 
so the marble floor in 
my bathroom was totally 
exposed. She went into 
the bathroom 

and lay on the cool floor. 
Then I started to hear the whimpering, and went into check on 
her...she had crawled along the side of the tub head first, but she 
is no longer the little puppy she once was. She had started to turn 
herself around 180 degrees and had gotten stuck….too big to crawl 
under the tub, not bright enough to realize she had to back herself 
out around the back corner of the tub as that was how far she had 
crawled in. 

I put kibble on the floor to see if she could get herself out of being 
stuck because she is so food driven. I think the kibble made it 
worse as the whimpers continued and grew louder, and she kept 
trying to squeeze under the tub and get out. She could see the 
kibble on the ground and see me. She was just too big to squeeze 
under the tub, but try she did. I let this go on for 40 minutes and I 
decided to call someone for help. Neighbors were gone as was my 
son. You know…..Fourth of July Weekend. 

 I quietly called the fire department on the regular phone line to 
see if I could get help. All I needed was some young man to come 
and help me. I requested no hook and ladder, but maybe just a 
regular car. No such luck. I got the full-blown siren routine, lights 
flashing, the hook and ladder and three guys laughing their heads 
off. One climbed in the tub and pushed, and (cont. pg. 3) 


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SIERRA MADRE NEWS...................................Pgs 4, 5 

ARCADIA/MONROVIA & MORE..................Page 6 

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EDUCATION & YOUTH...................................Page 9 

BEST FRIENDS.................................................Page 10 

SENIOR COMMUNICATIONS........................Page 11 

OPINION..............................................,,,.......Page 12 


Sierra Madre To Open Cooling Station in 

Police Department Lobby 

Temperatures over the weekend are expected to reach up to 100 
degrees in some areas. In response to the anticipated heat, the 
City has made the decision to open the Sierra Madre Police Department 
lobby to be used as a cooling site for our residents. 

The lobby will be open to the public over the weekend from July 
11, 2020 to July 12, 2020 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. each day. Anyone 
entering the lobby must wear a face mask and must practice social 
distancing protocols. 

The City recommends limiting your time in direct sun. Keep 
yourself and your pets cool by staying indoors or in well-shaded 
areas outdoors. Take extra precaution when exercising. Limit 
your exercise to early morning or evening hours and remember 
to stay hydrated. Please call 9-1-1 if you are experiencing a 

medical emergency.

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