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Bob Eklund speaks on latest Outer Space Discovery! Looking Up on Page 14



October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Founder of Cupcake Cuties – cupcake decorative kits – launches 
“Cuties for the Cure” in memory of her friend who fought breast 
cancer for 7 years


Sierra Madre Says Thanks

Sierra Madre 
Market Closes

Scholastic Gardens the operator 
and manager of the Farmers 
Market notified the City that 
they would no longer be able 
to operate the Farmers Market 
after September 30, 2010. Upon 
receiving this information, 
the City of Sierra Madre sent 
out requests inviting qualified 
operators to submit proposals 
for the overall management and 
marketing of the City’s Farmers 
Market but did not receive any 
qualified bids. 

At its regular meeting on 
Monday, September 20, 2010, 
the Community Services 
Commission recommended staff 
review other locations within the 
City to host a Farmers Market 
and to issue a second RFP for a 
Farmers Market to commence in 
Spring/Summer 2011. 

For updates on this process, or for 
information on how to submit a 
proposal please call Community 
& Personnel Services Department 
(626) 355-5278.

 Recognizing that volunteers 
and staff contribute thousands of 
hours of community service to 
help keep Sierra Madre running 
smoothly, the City annually shows 
their appreciation at the Honors 
Dinner, held at Alverno’s Villa Del 
Sol d’Oro. This year the honorees 

Employee of the Year:

Debbie Henderson

George Maurer Lifetime Service 
Award: City Treasurer George 
Enyedi, pictured below with Mayor 
Joe Mosca

Police Chief’s Special Award:

Carroll Eugene Gray

Public Service Award

Hank Landsberg

Wistaria Award

Sierra Madre Little League

Youth Service Award

Taryn Clark and Brittany Dashek

In addition, current and immediate 
past commissioners and 
committee volunteers 
were honored. Outgoing 
Commissioners were 
also recognized. 

Commissioners and 
Trustees included:

Jeff Shantz, Community 
Arts Commission

Natasha Comer 
and Grace Broyles, 
Community Service 

Julie Tran Picker, Senior 

Claire Wilson, Nan 
Kaiser, and Nan 
Baker, Tree Advisory 


Patricia Hall, Library 

 When Theresa Deliberto, founder 
of Cupcake Cuties decorative kits 
for cupcakes, was asked by her 
good friend Dr. Susan Dietrich to 
become her “partner in crime,” 
little did Deliberto realize that 
the ‘partnership’ would last long 
after her friend’s death from breast 
cancer in 2008 and extend to paying 
tribute to breast cancer survivors 
worldwide. This October, Deliberto 
will launch a special cupcake kit, 
“Cuties for the Cure”, where 5% of 
proceeds raised from sales will be 
donated to the Susan G. Komen 
LA County Foundation. Susan G. 
Komen for the Cure® is the largest 
source of nonprofit 
funds dedicated to 
the fight against 
breast cancer in the 

 “Deedels was 
diagnosed with 
Stage 4 breast cancer 
with 19 lymph 
nodes involved in 
2001, so obviously 
the prognosis 
wasn’t promising,” 
Deliberto recalls. 
“She came to me 
after her initial 
surgery and asked 
if I would be her 
‘partner in crime.’ 
She hoped that I 
would serve not only 
as her friend but as 
her medical advocate.”

 Deliberto didn’t hesitate to say 
yes, and for the next 7 years, 
accompanied Deedels on all 
her doctor appointments and 
chemotherapy treatments. In 
addition, as her friend’s advocate, 
Deliberto acted as Detrich’s second 
set of eyes and ears as she progressed 
on her journey.

 “I told her I would sign up for 
25 years,” Deliberto continues. 
“Deedels was 48 at the time and she 
smiled that incredible smile of hers 
at the thought of being able to be 
such a survivor. Although she was a 
person who accepted life for what it 
was, I have never seen such a fighter 
in all my life.”

 Now, Deliberto is hoping that her 
customers will join her in advocating 
for women fighting the disease by 
purchasing Cuties for the Cure 
throughout October, Breast Cancer 
Awareness Month, and beyond. 
“Cuties for the Cure are also a great 
way to honor the brave women all of 
us know who have survived breast 
cancer,” Deliberto adds. “In fact, 
Cuties for the Cure are dedicated as 
much to my mother, who is a breast 
cancer survivor, 
as they are to 

 Cuties for 
the Cure are 
available for 
and may be 
online at www.

 “I personally 
know over 25 
women who 
have battled 
this disease,” 
says Deliberto. 
“Cuties for the 
Cure are my gift 
to them and to 
the thousands 
of women throughout the world just 
like them.”

 Cupcake Cuties retail for $19.99 to 
$23.99 per kit and may be purchased 
online at Cupcake 
Cuties also offers a Cutie of the 
Month Club, where members 
receive monthly kits showcase 
designing especially suited for that 
particular month. 

 To learn more about Cupcake 
Cuties, visit the website or call 

This October, Deliberto will 
launch a special cupcake kit, 
“Cuties for the Cure”, where 
5% of proceeds raised from 
sales will be donated to the 
Susan G. Komen LA County 


Tues, Oct 5th 

City Council Chambers 6:00 pm 
General Plan Steering Committee

Mon, Oct 11th 

Congregational Church 7:00 pm 
Outreach/Communications team

Mon, Oct 25th 

Hart Park House Senior Center

222 W Sierra Madre Blvd 
7:00 pm 


Tues, Nov 2nd 

City Council Chambers 6:00 
pm General Plan Steering 

Sun, Nov 14th 

TBA TBD Outreach/

Visioning Team Town Hall 

Senate Debate Held In 
Pasadena Story and Photo by Dean Lee

There was tension both 
inside and outside the 
KPCC studios Wednesday 
afternoon as Carly Fiorina, 
the U. S. Senate Republican 
candidate, slipped in a 
side door at the radio 
station to avoid over 100 
demonstrators who are 
opposed to her candidacy 
for one of the two U.S. 
Senate seats that represent 
California. Fiorini was 
headed inside to participate 
in a debate with Senate 
Democrat Barbara Boxer.

 Boxer, participated from 
the NPR Washington 

 Despite the miles between 
them, the two debated for 
an hour and took opposite 
sides on almost all issues ranging from 
the Constitutional right to terminate 
a pregnancy, legalizing automatic 
weapons, and the Global Warming 
Solutions Act, AB 32. At one point, 
Fiorina likened recent beheadings in 
Monterrey Mexico to people hanging 
from bridges in Pasadena, a comment 
that appeared to disturb many in the 

 Fiorina said she thought the United 
States should support Mexico on 
stopping illegal drug trade. She was 
asked if that meant providing military 
assistance in its war against the drug 
cartels and hedged at the answer. 

 Boxer’s response to the same question, 
“Mexico is its own country with its 
own elected leaders, and the best thing 
we can do is try to work with them and 
help them. I would never tell Mexico 
the way to go after these drug cartels, 
but clearly we have to make sure that 
we help Mexico in their efforts.”

 At one point, on the environment, 
Fiorina was at a loss for words 
when asked the names of extreme 
environmental groups, she said, Boxer 

 Boxer later said she was proud to have 
the support of the Sierra Club and the 
support of the League of Conservation 

 Outside the studios, protesters were 
demonstrating against everything,, a political action group, 
was there to oppose Fiorina vowing to 
show up everywhere she goes. Local 
Tea Party supporters also protested 
holding signs supporting Fiorina. 

 At one point, Green Party candidate 
Duane Roberts, disgusted at the 
whole process, lashed out at the radio 
station for not letting him participate 
in the debate. Inside KPCC did not 
say why third party candidates were 
not allowed. A few people said they 
thought the public radio station should 
have let Roberts debate. 

Patt Morrison and La Opinión news 
editor Gabriel Lerner co-moderated 
the debate. 


by Albert Metzger

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Senate hopeful Carly Fiorina

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