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The 411 on The Proposed 
Water Rate Hike


The Sierra Madre City Council will hold a special meeting on Tuesday, October 
19, 2010, dedicated to water operations and water rates. Residents are encouraged 
to attend! The meeting will be held in the council chambers at 6:30 pm. City 
Hall is located at: 232 W. Sierra Madre Boulevard.

 This meeting is being held at an important juncture in the City Council’s 
deliberation process. The City Council wants to hear from you regarding the 
future of our water system.

 If you have any questions, please contact the City of Sierra Madre, Department 
of Public Works at 626-355-7135. 

Sierra Madre Schools bring Children and Community Partners Together

2011 Tournament of Roses 

Royal Court Finalists

Top row, from left: #4 Catherine Huh (La Salle High School), #31 Hope 
Hood (Westridge School), #44 Joan-Elise DelSanto (Mayfield Senior 
School), #54 Brittany Tom (Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy), #35 
Camille Coffey (Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy) #22 Mindy Lewis (La 
Salle High School) 

Fourth row, from left: #67 Margaret O’Brien (La Canada High 
School), #130 Tenaya Senzaki (Pasadena High School), #243 Dana Kert 
(Maranatha High School), #273 Crandalyn Jackson (Marantha High 
School), #201 Katie Thomson (Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy), #85 
Kyndall Taylor (La Salle High School)

Third row, from left: #279 Ashlie Hampton (Blair High School), #317 
Kathryn Czuchaj (Maranatha High School), #421 Sarah Fredrickson 
(Maranatha High School), #433 Evanne Friedmann (La Canada High 
School), #389 Maanika Keesara (La Canada High School), #305 Jaslyn 
Elders (Arcadia High School)

Second row, from left: #441 Giselle Hillier (Arcadia High School), 
#513 Megan Hubbard (Temple City High School), #703 Emily Pipes 
(Westridge School), #708 Melody Wang (San Marino High School), #526 
Heather Mann (San Marino High School), #473 Paige Conti (Flintridge 
Sacred Heart Academy)

First row, from left: #745 Jessica Montoya (Flintridge Preparatory 
School), #850 Madeleine San Martin (Westridge School), #946 Tatyane 
Berrios (Arcadia High School), #1025 Jennifer Der (Temple City High 
School), #969 Lindsey Reed (Pasadena City College), #888 Morgan 
Kennedy (South Pasadena High School), #833 Michelle Washington 
(Pasadena City College) Photo by Dean Lee/MVNews


Members of the Sierra Madre Elementary 5th Grade Classes performed a variety of classic tunes about 
Respect including the Staple Singers ‘Respect Yourself.”

Parents, Students, Teachers and Administrators participated 
in Sierra Madre Elementary School’s Community Partners 
Outreach Day on Thursday. The event, which began with 
the monthly Spotlight Assembly, was designed to give 
supporters a ‘close up’ look at the schools’ daily activities.

 The assembly, attended by 6th, 7th and 8th graders from the 
Upper Campus, was the first for this school year. Students 
unveiled the first of the six ‘pillars’ of character - RESPECT. 
There will be a different pillar each month, with the goal 
being the development of character through the performing 
arts. In addition students are honored for academic and 
civic achievement.

 This is the fourth year this program has been in effect. 
For the 2008-09 school year the theme was The History of 
the U.S.; The History of the World was the theme for the 09-
10 school year and last year’s theme was Character through 
The Visual Arts. 

 PTA President Melissa Castillo, along with the 5th Grade 
Student Council, Principal Gayle Bluemel and Vice Principal 
Garret Newsom, then took the partners, which included 
representatives from the Sierra Madre Woman’s Club, The 
Mountain Views News, The Sierra Madre Library, The City 
of Sierra Madre Community Services Department and The 
Sierra Madre Police Department, on a tour of the campus. 



The BUCK Turns 50!

On Tuesday, October 19th, the Sierra 
Madre Chamber of Commerce will 
perform the ceremonial ribbon cutting 
associated with new businesses, but in 
this case, the event will be celebrating 
longevity. The Buccaneer Lounge will 
be celebrating fifty years in business. 
The Buc, as it is known locally, 
originally opened in the 1940’s as Club 
60, taking its name from the address 
of the establishment at the time. 
The owner at that time, Roger Miller, 
changed the name to The Buccaneer 
Lounge in 1960, and moved it to its 
current location at 70 W. Sierra Madre 
Blvd. in 1984. For twenty years now, the 
Fraser family has owned the business. 
Brian, who was also a volunteer 
firefighter in town, passed away in 1998 
and the bar is now run by his wife, Gerri. 
Well known artist Frank Bowers, whose 
murals can be found at several locations 
in Southern California, created the 30 
foot long mural that depicts pirate scenes 
and provides the backdrop behind the 
bar at the Buccaneer. Several other 
Bowers pirate paintings adorn the walls 
at the Buc. Legend has it that Bowers, 
who also painted sets for Gone With the 
Wind, did this work to pay off his bar tabs. 
The Buccaneer, with it’s “Cheers-
like” atmosphere, is a favorite watering 
hole for locals and non-locals alike. 
The ribbon-cutting and mixer are 
scheduled for 5:30 to 7pm on the 19th. 
Admission is $7 for Chamber members 
and $15 for non-members which will 
include a complimentary buffet, as well 
as your choice of two draft beers, two 
glasses of wine, or two well drinks. 

The saying, “better late than never”, 
is certainly fitting for an event that 
occured last week, 50 years after it 
was originally scheduled.

 Sierra Madrean Dick Clark, 
pictured above left, finally 
presented to his fraternity brother, 
Jim Carlin, above right, the 
official pledge paddle of the Dracon 
Chapter of the Delta Phi Kappa. 

 Technically, Dick’s entry into the 
fraternity was not complete until 
he had presented his mentor with 
the paddle. However, thanks to 
mutual friend and frat brother 
Larry McCrary, the ‘paddle passing’ 
ceremony took place at a restaurant 
in Pasadena.

 In 1957, Clark, Carlin and 
McCreary were all students at 
Pasadena City College. According 
to sources, former Sierra Madre 
Mayor Clem Bartolai was also 
a student at the college and a 
member of that fraternity. For 
reasons that no one can remember, 
Dick was never able to give his ‘big 
brother’ his ‘paddle’. 

 As that fact came to light in recent 
months, McCrary decided to bring 
all parties together and finally ‘seal 
the deal’.

 Clark, who lives in Sierra Madre 
with his wife Jan, used to manage 
an auto dealership in Pasadena for 
many years. 

Sierra Madre Individual 
Project Enters Final 
Phase and Your 
Participation is 

Research has shown that even in the wake of 9/11 and recent natural disasters, 
there has been little increase in the number of citizens who have a “preparedness 
plan” in place to cope with a crisis or major state of emergency. 

Donna Cayson, a former Sierra Madre Police Department Sergeant and graduate 
of the Naval Postgraduate School, is working with FEMA’s National Preparedness 
Directorate in Washington D.C. Donna has developed a pilot project, Sierra 
Madre Individual Preparedness Project, to assess, encourage and increase 
individual and family preparedness through an all-inclusive, collaborative, 
community-based approach and Sierra Madre has been selected as the beta site. 
If successful, the “template” created in Sierra Madre will be available for use in 
communities nationwide. 

Phase 1 of this project was a pre-survey to determine the current state of 
preparedness among the residents of Sierra Madre and of those who work in the 
city. A total of 647 residents participated in the anonymous pre-survey, thank 

Phase 2 of the project consisted of preparedness education and training by all 
stakeholder groups from May through August along with hosting the Sierra 
Madre Family Preparedness Festival on September 11th in Memorial Park.

To measure the project’s success, phase 3 of the project is currently underway 
and consists of a post-survey of Sierra Madre residents in order to determine 
the effectiveness of the all-inclusive, collaborative, community-based approach 
to increasing individual and family preparedness. 

The success of this project will, in part, depend on how many people agree to 
participate in the post-survey. We ask that you do so by taking a minute to 
complete this anonymous survey. You can also learn more about the Sierra 
Madre Individual Preparedness Project by visiting the project online at http:// 

Remember, preparedness is a shared responsibility -- everyone plays a role.


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